Monday, January 2, 2012

A Cambodian shopping experience

We have an Americanesque grocery store here called Lucky Supermarket. They have the widest variety of dried goods, cereals, frozen goods and snack foods around. I went there today to refill my kitchen with food since I was out of town for a few weeks. For months now, I have been meaning to get my Lucky store loyalty card, but I always forget to get one until I am at the cash register and its too late, because have to go to an office outside and around the corner from the actual grocery store to get the card. Today I FINALLY remembered before my shopping trip and went to the office to ask for the card. The lady sitting at the desk exclaimed “they’re finished come back in 20 days.” I explained that I wanted a card today tho to start earning points that are used for freebees and coupons, but she insisted that there it was not possible to get a card and I must return at the end of January. Its instances like these that make me laugh! I finally remember to get the darn card and I am denied! Wanna bet if I go back in 20 days they’ll tell me to come back again in 20 more!!

Heres the link to where is the where its located if your curious! I live not far from the grocery store!

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