Saturday, October 15, 2011

Awesome Asian Experiences!

Cambodia in the rain-when it rains here it rains hard!

Cambodia in the sun! tho due to all of the rain there is a lot of flooding in the countryside and in some of the cities.
One shot of many of really cute kids in one of the villages I visited!

This is sticky rice cooked in a bamboo tube with a bit of coconut juice and beans, you literally have to rip the bamboo apart to get to the rice!! It was soo fun to eat!

Met with this wonderful farmer (Middle) and one of the IDE field staff women (right)

These are her cows!

Fun masks at the market!
This was the craziest thing ever! you put your feet in the water and these small fish nibble on your dead skin! and your feet actually come out better on the other end! Its more like a fish pedicure than a fish massage! but I was just walking along in the night market in Siem Reap and decided to give it a try!
As you can see from the photo- I am not the only crazy person to do this!
This was the guy running the fish pool, he and his other coworkers were very funny!

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