Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photos from my 2nd week here

Breakfast with my friend Elisabeth- she has lived here for several years!! we have fun together!
My breakfast! Cinnamon raisin toast!! I also got a yummy fruit plate!
Fun dinner with Sophie from Australia- she was spending some time in Phnom Penh before volunteering in Siem Reap for two months!
And yet another pic of the bars cool lighting - can you tell I like this place and spent a lot of time here!
Set set from the rooftop bar!
A really bad pic of Rei, we met at the mad monkey and have been hanging out a bunch

The rooftop lounge/bar at the mad monkey- the hotel I stayed at before I got my own place! I really enjoy lounging there because its relaxing and you can be social at the same time!
This is my boss Philip- hes Australian and a great guy to work with! Here we were on the ferry coming back from a meeting in the field.
This is the meeting I attended with a bunch of other coworkers. It was a pretty good and informational meeting!

I have added some more pictures that I didnt have time to upload last night! I am really enjoying my new apt- pictures of that to come soon I promise! work has been really good I have been doing a lot of reading for my literature review and writing it all up. I am very excited for a 5 day trip to the beach town of Sihanoukville! We get 3 days off from work plus the weekend for Pchum Ben, the Buddhist version of the Mexican day of the dead celebrations where most Cambodians travel back to their rural villages to honor their ancestors. I have been enjoying many lunches and dinners out with some new friends here. Things are slowly falling into place! I have a tuk tuk driver that picks me up each morning and knows now where I work so I dont have to direct him -which can be tricky sometimes, and I start Khmer language lessons next week!

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Aidan and I really enjoy reading about Auntie Lauren's adventures.