Saturday, September 10, 2011

Arrival to the other side of the world

So the pictures are uploaded in reverse order so start from the bottom and scroll up - maybe Ill do it differently next time, but above is the sun set on the flight from from Seoul to Phnom Penh
I didnt take business class tho I would have been nice on such a long trip!
The slippers they gave me on the 13 hr haul from LA to Seoul!
Korea from the Air
I was however lucky enough to score a first class upgrade on the first leg of my flight on Virgin America! It was a pretty sweet way to start my trip! the seat fully reclined- perfect for napping!

Well I survived the three long plane flights it took to get here but now I have to survive the jet lag! I am staying at the Mad Monkey Hotel here in Phnom Penh which is a fine place to stay until I have an apartment. I am eager to get settled and unpack my bags once I have a place to live. I met some nice people while in transit. One girl was on her way to travel around South Korea and Japan, and another has come to Phnom Penh to work in an orphanage. I was so excited/ nervous when I got off of my last plane that I forgot to take any pictures at the airport that say welcome to Cambodia! But I have taken pictures from my trip along the way and have taken a few since I have gotten here. So far things are going smoothly and better than my stint in Ghana, although I dont know if I can really compare them, but there are some similarities and differences.
I have met mostly everyone here at the IDE office where I will be doing my practicum and everyone is very welcoming! I have my own desk in an air condidtioned office and am excited to start actually working once I have gotten enough sleep and can think straight.
The weather is hot but not so unbearable, but then again I havent been walking around so much just yet.

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