Sunday, September 13, 2009

Americorps is Great!

I am Americorps member and I will get things done! I have finished the first week of Americorps orientation. Being there with my fellow corps members is even better than I imagined. Everyone is really nice. We have been doing some really good team building exercises. The first day was pretty dry. Our program directors, Michelle and Matt read out loud our entire contract, which is over thirty pages long; and that was only part of the day. Ryan, one of my CMs, (Corps members) arranged a get-together the Saturday before we started so I was able to meet almost everybody before our program started. I am really enjoying learning more about each person. We have done all kinds of exercises involving name tags and different directions. I am getting a lot of great leadership training. I have also been learning about how to be reading coach and become a better listener. I am so excited to meet the kids I will be helping. It is soo great to FINALLY be excited to go to work. On that note, I am going to pick up my love, so we can go to bed, and I can start my second week of Americorps!

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